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SPHINX was founded 1989 and grew up to one of the biggest Pan-European Distributors for data-communication.

The group has sales offices in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland and has grown to be one of the leading European trade suppliers of data communication products. There are offices in United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria and Spain under the S-Connect banner.

The wide product portfolio includes Server-Based-Communication, LAN-/WAN-based Communication and Embedded-Device-Networking. The prior focus is at Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Process Automation, Industrial-Graded-Ethernet-Infrastructure-Solutions and Audio-Video-Transmission over IP-LAN.

All SPHINX subsidiaries offer project-orientated solutions to customers throughout Europe. In addition to extensive distribution and logistical capabilities, the primary business is driven by customer specific solutions in data-communications applications.

We carry products for the majority of the markets:

Energy supply, health care, manufacturing industry, security, logistic and transport, traffic system, railway and marine.

Building Automation
Lighting, scenario & remote access control, community & home terminal system
-in-home networks linked with WAN networks
-control lighting systems and a wide range of home electronics
-traditional buttons have been replaced by a touch screen

Energy supplier
Smartgrids and Smartmeter
- Read data and transfer directly to the headquarters. No one has to enter the house to read the meters
- Supply lines can be relieved and stressed as needed

Logistic and transport
Fleet management, parcel tracking and container tracking
- RFID chip signals are sent to the receiver. Quantity and locations can be determined this way

Manufacturing industry
Processing lines
- Devices and incidents are monitored and managed
- Errors corrected by other machines

Cash, money, tickets and vending machines
- Seat reservation
- Account balance and inventory verification
- Transfer to the system monitoring and reordering

Restaurant mounting, passenger information
- Inventory of the restaurant car is checked, determines missing stocks and sent to the next stop
- Passenger information, e.g. delays

Security and Access Control / CCTV and Surveillance
Stations (Police, Railway) banks, fire brigades, warehouses, hospitals, museums & galleries
- Cameras with motion detection sent information to a receiver, a backup will be created automatically
- Retina & fingerprint scanner, voice recognition or simple code access
- Alarm activates counter measures(water sprinklers & fire doors, secrurity doors will be looked down) & alerts the responding persons (police, security, fire brigade, nurse or doctor)

Traffic monitoring
Weigh stations, traffic light control, flash systems, toll
- Stored information, such as driving time and tolls are transferred directly from the truck at the designated stations or even while driving
- Weigh stations and flash systems transmit their data immediately
- Traffic lights or lanes are monitored and switched as needed

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