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Mercados Verticales: Power and Energy

 A Centralized Security Network for Substation Monitoring

Power and Energy

A centralized security system serving over 150 substations adopted Moxa’s PoE switches to carry power, video, command and voice data over Ethernet

 About LoRa

Power and Energy

"LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide."

 Ambient Corporation

Power and Energy

Smart Grid Solution Provider Ambient Corporation Connects High-Profi le Deployments with AirPrime Embedded Modules

 AP Systems - Energy Management Systems

Power and Energy

Italian Leader in Energy Management Systems reduces costs and speeds up time to market with Sierra Wireless AirPrime WMP100

 Automating metering infrastructure technologies to build greener, smarter energy solutions

Power and Energy

As governments and utilities worldwide seek to reduce carbon footprints and conserve energy, they are using wireless Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to transform traditional energy infrastructure into interconnected “smart grids.”

 City of Clermont-Ferrand Reduces Street-Light Operating Costs

Power and Energy

City of Clermont-Ferrand Reduces Street-Light Operating Costs by 40% with Sogexi and Sierra Wireless® - A Sierra Wireless® Energy Management Solution

 EDMI Managing Meters Better

Power and Energy

Leading Energy Metering Manufacturer Builds Tomorrow’s Smart Grid with Sierra Wireless AirPrime Embedded Modules

 IEC 61850 New Substation Manageability

Power and Energy

Moxa’s PowerTrans PT-7528 substation Ethernet switches come with fully integrated MMS support.

 IEC 61850 New Subtations Performance

Power and Energy

Communication packets can be assigned different priorities, depending on their importance

 IEC 61850 New Subtations Reliability

Power and Energy

Noise Guard™: Wire Speed Zero Packet Loss Technology

 IEC 61850 Subtations Retrofits Device Variety

Power and Energy

Existing systems may have been developed in a different time period and region, making it difficult to migrate legacy devices into a single system.

 IEC 61850 Subtations Retrofits Integration

Power and Energy

Substation system engineers may have less communication domain knowhow or limited time to bridge devices for system integration.

 IEC 61850 Subtations Retrofits Operation

Power and Energy

How can I optimize, perform daily maintenance on, and troubleshoot an established system?

 Lower Colorado River Authority

Power and Energy

Lower Colorado River Authority Pilots Automated Metering Program Using Cellular Connectivity - A Sierra Wireless® Water Management Solution

 Nashville Electric Service

Power and Energy

Nashville Electric Service Extend the Enterprise to the Mobile Workforce for Lower Costs, Increased Safety

 Pulse Energy

Power and Energy

Energy Management Provider Taps Cellular for Rapidly Deployable Solution in Problem Areas

 Renewable Energy Systems, Ltd.

Power and Energy

AirLink® Gateways enable Wind Energy Company to Perform Continuous and Reliable Monitoring

 Substation Retrofit for Total IEC 61850 MMS Solution

Power and Energy

A regional substation wanted to enhance the monitoring of their existing legacy infrastructure to prevent outage. Moxa\'s NPort S9650I serial device servers support IEC 61850 MMS to implement the IEC 61850 substation retrofit.

 Wind Energy - Monitoring of Wind Turbines

Power and Energy

Remotely Monitor and Control of Wind Turbines

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